Send Your Rain (3)


   D/A                  D   G^7                        Em/D   D   G/D

Send Your fire,     send Your rain

D   A/C#  Bm  G                         Asus     A

Ho--ly  oil     in Jesus’ name


Loose the wind

G                                                     D         Esus

That brings Heaven’s change

    E                 G                          A

Send the fire, send the oil

                                  D     G/D   D

The wind and rain.


Bm                F#m

Nation to nation

G                   D       A/C#

Tribe by tribe

Bm                 F#m

Person to person

              G                              Asus   A

For whom my Jesus died

Bm                                       F#m

Speaking out Your Word

              G                             D

Holy Spirit, be my Guide


As we wait upon You, Lord


We will go forth

                              Asus    A

In Your name, O Lord…



Touched by the fire

Touched by the flame

Warmed by the Spirit

Like the summer’s gentle rain

Preaching such a Message

We have power to proclaim

As we wait upon You, Lord

We will go forth

In Your name, O Lord…