Shepherd Of My Soul


D                          Em7

Shepherd of my soul

   G                         D

I give You full control

         Bm7                   Em7          Bm7A

Wherever You may lead I will follow

D                           Em7

I have made the choice

      G                       Bm

To listen for Your voice

          G                      Em7          D

Wherever You may lead I will go


         G                     A

Be it in a quiet pasture

     F#m7             Bm

Or by a gentle stream

         Em7                    G                     D

The Shepherd of my soul is by my side

                G                      A

Should I face a mighty mountain

        F#m7                     Bm

Or a valley dark and deep

         Em7                      G                       D

The Shepherd of my soul will be my guide