Shine Down


D                              A           D

Shine down Your light on me

D                         A

Let the people see

         D                             A               D

That in Your presence darkness flees

G                                   A             D

Father of light shine down on me


C                                   F

There's a land full of glory

G                                      F

In a place where there is no light

C                           F

And in that holy city

G                                   Bb  Dm

Burns the beacon of everlasting light

C                                   F

The light that keeps reaching

G                             F       G

To the people of every land

C                      F

A love that is longing

G                              Bb      F

To fill the heart of every man


There's no sun in that city

The Father's throne is its only light

The lamp of salvation

The hope that is always glowing bright

It scatters the darkness

Swept away by His mighty hand

Now all the nations can worship

Sing the songs of that glorious lamb