Stand Up And Give Him The Praise


  G     Am          G      Am   Dm7               Em7

Who is like the Lord?  There is no one

   G     Am          G      Am                Dm7                Em7

Who is like the Lord?  He is strong and mighty

   G     Am          G      Am   Dm7          Em7

Who is like the Lord?  He is worthy

    F                         E                           Am   G  Am

Stand up and give Him the praise.           (X2)


Am                        Dm7                          Am

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord

E                                            Am7     Bm7     Am

Our God is worthy of glory

                      Dm7                         Am 

From the rising of the sun to its going down

            F                                       E         D   E

The name of the Lord is to be praised.


   Am               G       Am

Stand up and praise Him

  G      Am                G

and give Him the glory         (X10)

    F                                         E

Our God is worthy of praise.