Sweet Mercies


Capo 3 (chords relative to capo)


G                             C       G

It's our confession Lord that we are weak,

C        G         D         G   D G

So very weak, but You are strong.

G                                   C           G

And though we've nothing, Lord, to lay at Your feet

    C            G              D        G    D G

We come to Your feet and say, "Help us along."


Am                    G/B              C               D   D2

A broken heart and a contrite spirit You have yet to deny.

Am                              G/B

Your heart of mercy beats with love's strong current,

 C                           D                 Dsus

Let the river flow by Your Spirit now, Lord we cry!



Let Your mercies fall from heaven.


Sweet mercies flow from heaven.


New mercies for today

  G                           C  G

Shower them down Lord as we pray.