The Savior Is Waiting


         D             Bm

The Savior is waiting

       Em             A7

To enter your heart

Em                     A7                    D

Why don't you let Him come in


There's nothing in this world


To keep you apart

                        A7              D

What is your answer to Him?



Time after time

               F#m         Bm

He has waited before

         Em             A7            D

And now He is waiting again


To see if you're willing

      F#m          Bm

To open the door

Em                 A7            D

Oh how He wants to come in


    D                       Bm

If you'll take one step

                     Em             A7

T'ward the Savior my friend

Em                     A7               D

You'll find His arms open wide


Receive Him and all your


Darkness will end

                      A7                D

Within your heart He'll abide