This Is How We Overcome


Intro: F^9   G   Am7   F^9   G   Am7


F^9                     G                                   Am7

Your light broke through my night

           F^9                              G      Am7

Restored exceeding joy

F^9                     G                     Am7

Your grace fell like the rain

             F^9                             Gsus4

And made this desert live…


   G          C  F/A  Gsus4     G                Am7  F/A Gsus4

You have turned my mourning into dancing

                       C  Am7 Gsus4   G                     F     G

You have turned my sorrow into joy.


Your hand lifted me up

I stand on higher ground

Your praise rose in my heart

And made this valley sing…


 F^9                      G        Am7       F^9      G      Am7

This is how we overcome…