We Lift You High


       D                A

We lift You high

                           G               A             D

We lift the cross of Jesus Christ


We lift You high

                               Em7         A         D

The Lamb of God the sacrifice

              Bm7      A                               Em7        A     Bm

We lift You high, the price for all humanity

            Em7                                     D

Your blood the cost, Your love the cross

     G         Asus  A       D

Lord we lift You high.


Bm                        A           G                            A     F#m7

Your precious blood, it washes white as snow

Bm                A             G                               A       F#m7

No greater love, has this world ever known

Em7                           Asus

You died for the lost

          Dsus                            Asus    F#m7

You gave Your life for me

Em7                           F#m   D    G                      Asus   A

You suffered the cross for all the world to see.


Your precious blood, sanctifies my soul

Use me Lord to touch, the ones who would not know

You died for the lost, You gave Your life for me

You suffered the cross, for all the world to see