We Need Your Presence


   D              G            C^7               D              Bm7   Am7

Lord, we need Your presence here with us

                    D                       G    Gsus

Come, inhabit our lives

                 G            C^7     D                 Bm7  Em7

Lord, we seek Your Spirit in our midst

  Am7                             G     C^7                       Dsus   D

Changing our hearts, filling our minds.


   C                     D              C         G

Lord, we need Your presence

   C                   D         Gsus  G

here with us today

  C                 D            C    G

Fill us with Your Spirit

           F                            G         Am

Consume us with Your praise

    C                           D     C    G

Show Your mighty power

        C                         D               E

Reveal Your truth and love

  Am7                                     Dsus  D             Gsus  G

Lord, we need Your presence with us.