We Will Serve The Lord


G Em7

There are times for me

Am C D

When I cant always be

G D Em F Am7 D7

All my Mom and Dad want me to be

G Em

Though I want to turn away

Dm7 F C^7

Jesus says to stay

Em7 G A Am C D C D

And to hug the ones who really love me.



Hand in hand and heart to heart,


Together in the Lord,

C Am7 D C G C D

We will serve each other, all in one accord


Father, Mother, Sister, Brother,

C B C G Em

We have been restored, united , as a family

Am7 C D G C D G

We will serve the Lord.


Every now and then

Although were just like friends

There are days when we dont get along;

But, Jesus showed us how to live

He taught us to forgive

cause it keeps our family growing stronger.


Cm Dm7 Cm7 Dm7

With the heart of a child

Gm Dm7

Jesus taught us to come

Cm7 Dm7

To make us His family

Gm F Gm7

God gave us His Son

Gm F

So lets forget about our pride

D7 D Gm

And put our differences aside


And be Gods family the way

C Bm7 A D

He wants us to be.