Who Can Satisfy


 C          Em7     F7       Dm7

Who can satisfy my soul like You?

Am7                Em7

Who on earth could comfort me,

    Dm7               Gsus G7

And love me like You do?

 C            Em7        F

Who could ever be more faithful and true?

Am7             Em7

I will trust in You,

Am7             Em7        Gsus G7

I will trust in You, my God...


        C                  Am                G F

        There is a fountain, who is the King,

        F          C/E      Dm7 Em7  F   Em7  Dm7  G

        Victorious Warrior; and Lord of everything.

        C                  Am

        My Rock, my shelter, my very own,

        F         C/E         Dm7 Em7 F  G     Csus

        Blessed Redeemer who reigns upon the throne.