YOU Laid aside your majesty


G              D                         Em

You laid aside Your majesty

                Bm                   C

Gave up everything for me


Suffered at the hands

     Am7                     D

Of those You had created

G              D                       Em

You took all my guilt and shame

                    Bm                  C

When You died and rose again


Now today You reign

     Am7                           D

In heaven and earth exalted


G                       D                          Em

I really want to worship You, my Lord

                              Bm                     C

You have won my heart and I am Yours

      G                    Am7    D

Forever and ever, I will love You

G                        D                          Em

You’re the only one who died for me

                    Bm                 C

Gave Your life to set me free

        G                       Am7           D

So I lift my voice to You in adoration