Your Beloved


G           Bm  C                 G   D

Lord it was You, who created the heavens.

G           Bm       C                             G  Dsus D

Lord it was Your hand that put the stars in their place.

G            Bm       C                   G  D

Lord it is Your voice, that commands the morning,

     Em     D/F#       G                  D     C

Even oceans and their waves, bow at Your feet...

Am         Em                    C        D

Lord who am I compared to Your glory (oh Lord),

Am         Em                    D        C

Lord who am I, compared to Your majesty?


                     G             Em

        I am Your beloved, Your creation,

                 C            D

        And You love me as I am.


        You have called me chosen


        For Your kingdom

             C                     D

        Unashamed to call me Your own

                     Em D/F# G C

        I am Your beloved...