Your Grace Is Sufficient


         C                Dm            C    G

You grace is sufficient for me

           C                           Dm

Your strength is made perfect

F                   G

When I am weak

F              C             E                 Am

All that I cling to I lay at Your feet

           F                G               C

Your grace is sufficient for me


       F                G               Em             Am

I'm no longer striving to merit Your love

   F                   G                Em  Am

I rest in Your promise to me

          F             G        

That all of my sins have been

Em                         Am

Washed in Your blood

           C            D             G

Your mercy is all that I need


         F                 G

You see me as righteous

      Em                 Am

Because of the blood

           F                G                    Em

That made the atonement for me

           F                 G   

Your mercy has triumphed

           Em                  Am

Where I should be judged

       C                      D                  G

So now, by Your grace, I am free