Your Mercy Never Fails


Intro:  G    A/G    G    A/G


G                                     A/G

I stand in awe amazed


At what the Cross has done me


Jesus You stand in my place


You died for me

                            Asus                Bbdim7                   Bm7

You are the hope of my heart and my soul


This I know…


Whenever I need healing

Jesus You're always there

Whenever the burden's too heavy to bear

You lift me up

All heaven declares, heaven declares…


                          D                             Bm7

Jesus You are Lord of my life

                                      G2                                 Asus

Your love, Your grace, burn in my heart

                       F#m                               Bm7

Now I am safe under Your wings

                             G2                           A

Whenever I need You, oh Lord.


                                          Em           Asus

Your mercy never fails, Jesus (3x)


Your mercy never fails…